Amorici Vineyard is committed to operating in an environmentally conscious manner.  We strive to minimize our carbon footprint, thereby leaving our planet a better place for generations to follow.

As one example of our sustainable agricultural practices, we employ chickens for natural insect and weed control.  These very important members of our staff also aerate and fertilize the soil as they make their rounds through the vines.  Their natural fertilizer– combined with our own compost– and their insect consumption allows us to grow our grapes without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

At Amorici, we always look to work in harmony with nature as we craft our wines.  For example, we utilize “full moon racking” techniques to separate sediment from the wine.  On the full moon, changes in gravitational pull cause sediments to naturally separate and settle at the bottom of the barrel.  The wine is then siphoned from the barrel, leaving the sediment behind.

Mother Nature produces a perfect fruit; within it is everything one needs to make incredible wine.  She only asks that we follow a few simple rules: process minimally, filter only as needed, use all-natural ingredients, and blend to adjust wines rather than using additives.

From our vineyards to our winery, Amorici is committed to sustainability in every possible way.