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Amorici Awards


Amorici is honored to have been awarded numerous medals from the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition!

Amorici wines are produced from the grape varietals we grow and from select varietals acquired from other New York State growers.  Our offerings range from crisp, clean whites, to aged reds, to heavenly dessert wines.  Scroll through the list below to see them all!

We produce our wines using the entire grape– rather than just the juice– and ferment on the skins, eliminating the need for nutrient additives and clarifying agents.  Our wines are also vegan/vegetarian friendly; we never use shellfish or egg-based products.

A note on sulfites: The addition of sulfites is required to stabilize wine, allowing it to properly age.  Decanting wine one hour prior to consumption allows it to breathe, thereby decreasing the amount of sulfites you consume.  At Amorici, we limit our sulfite use as much as we feel possible.  For this reason, many people who are negatively affected by sulfites find that our wines do not have these adverse effects.


Combining the influence of two distinctive regions, this one-of-a-kind, un-oaked Chardonnay is derived from Finger Lakes and Long Island grapes.  A unique Chardonnay experience.

This stone-dry Riesling is produced from Finger Lakes grapes.  A soft opening gives way to complex floral, citrus, and limestone notes combined with a crisp acidity.  Compliments many food styles, including those with a little spice!

Cayuga.bmpDeveloped by Cornell University in the 1970s, the Cayuga White grape honors the American Cayuga Indian and the beautiful Cayuga Lake.  Floral, fruit forward, and earthy, Cayuga White is often referred to as a “poor man’s Riesling.”  Try it and appreciate a true New York treasure!

Made from Finger Lakes grapes and enhanced with our estate-grown Marquette and Frontenac.  An oak-barrel-aged, dry red wine.  Floral, fruit-forward, herbal, and peppery with hints of tart cherry and black currant.  A toasty/oaky mouthfeel and finish.  Hearty enough to pair with steak, yet balanced enough to enjoy as a casual sipping wine.

A royal grape, Cabernet Sauvignon is often referred to as savage due to its adaptability to a wide range of terroir.  Its wild character is well-suited to oak barreling.  This food-friendly wine is enhanced with our estate-grown Marquette and Frontenac.

Amorici’s Marquette NOR features a newly developed, cold-hardy grape varietal that thrives in the Upper Hudson Valley climate.  Rich, bold, and made from 100% estate-grown grapes, this smooth red resembles a fine Pinot Noir.

Burch StThis off-dry, easy-drinking red is well-balanced, with floral, fruity, tart, and spicy tones.  A fine match for light foods, including poultry, pasta, and vegetables.

Swt Rose.bmpAmorici’s take on the incredibly popular, blush-style, semi-sweet wines.  Pair as a starter with hors d’oeuvres and appetizers, or as a dinner wine with chicken, seafood, or light pasta dishes.  Serve chilled and drink in the company of friends who enjoy a lightly sweet wine.

Swt Drms WhiteAn elegantly sweet table wine, well-suited for both food pairings and casual drinking.  The perfect substitute for a sweet Riesling.

Apple HoneyThis pleasantly refreshing apple mead combines the essences of New York’s apples and raw honey.  It pairs perfectly with spicy foods, greens, fresh fruit, cheeses, and desserts.  A sweet wine drinker’s dream come true!
A one-of-a-kind, Sherry-style wine.  Simultaneously sweet and acidic, pleasantly crisp, and delectably designed to accompany dessert!

6.75 x 5, 4 color process, F-0701A non-typical white, port-style wine.  Made from New York apple cider and raw honey, the Tawny Vintage is infused with Amorici Grappa.  Serve chilled with dessert or as an after-dinner beverage.