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In its repertoire, Amorici currently offers twelve wines: Chardonnay, Dry Riesling, Cayuga (Dry White), Dry Rosé, Cabernet Franc (Dry Red), Cabernet Sauvignon, Marquette, Burch Street Red (Semi-Sweet), Sweet Dreams (Semi-Sweet Blush), Sweet Dreams White, Apple Honey Wine, and Apple Honey Port. The 2011 Cabernet Franc and Dry Riesling won bronze medals at the 2013 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition. 

A one-of-a-kind Chardonnay produced from a not-so-often found combination of New York’s Finger Lakes and Long Island grapes. Its flavor profile shows a versatile complexity, designed to combine the influence of the distinctively different regions. For a totally unique Chardonnay experience, be sure to try this one.

Produced from Finger Lakes grapes sourced from Cornell University, this is a completely dry Riesling with many pronounced flavors. Amorici Riesling has a soft opening and unfolds with typical Riesling complexity–floral, citrus, limestone minerals, and a crisp acidity followed by a flavor burst and lasting finish. This Riesling is uniquely complementary to seafood, Asian dishes, Fondues, light pasta, and vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Cayuga should be called “The New York Grape.” Developed by Cornell University in the 1970s, it was named after an American Cayuga Indian and the beautiful Lake Cayuga. Cayuga embodies many aspects often attributed to the world famous New York Rieslings: floral, fruit-forward, grape, and earthly mineral. It is truly a wine with many interesting characteristics. Its goodness resembles Chardonnays and Rieslings, and is often called the “Poor Man’s Riesling.”

A proprietary blend of grapes are artfully handcrafted to create a friendly, easy-to-enjoy Ros&#233. Refreshing, crisp, dry, spicy, tart, and a little zesty, this ros&#233 is great with cheese, hors d’oeuvres, chicken, seafood, light pasta, scrambled eggs, tuna sandwiches or tartare. A great anytime-wine with food and friends.

Made from Finger Lakes grapes and enhanced with estate-grown Marquette and Frontenac, the dry red is oak-barrel-aged, exuding its fine balance. The wine has flowery, fruit-forward, tart cherry, black currant, and herbal undertones with a slightly peppery, slightly toasty/oaky feel and finish. Hearty enough to pair well with steak yet balanced enough to enjoy as an afternoon sipping wine.

Burch Street is an easy drinking red. Produced from a Cabernet Franc base with an off-dry touch. It is lightly sweet, balanced, flowery, fruit-forward, tart cherry and black currant, with herbal undertones and a light, peppery finish. Served with lighter seafood dishes, poultry, pasta, vegetables or a vegetarian/vegan menu.

Sweet Dreams is Amorici’s Rose resembling the incredibly popular blush-style, semi-sweet wines. Serve chilled and drink with friends that enjoy the company of a lightly sweet wine.

Sweet Dreams white is an elegantly sweet table wine that is pleasantly refreshing with balanced sweetness and acidity. Suited for wine pairings and casual drinking. Serve chilled.

Apple Honey Wine,also referred to as Cyser. This refreshingly sweet and fruity mead combines the essences of New York’s cold, hearty wine grapes with locally-grown apples and raw honey. It is a pleasing complement to pair with spicy foods, bitter greens, fresh fruit, medium to robust cheeses or desserts. Amorici’s mead can be enjoyed any time a sweet wine is desired.

Apple Honey Tawny Vintage sweet wine is a non-typical sweet wine resembling a white port. Fresh New York apple cider and raw honey are infused with Grappa. Serve with dessert or as an after dinner drink.

Amorici wines are vegan/vegetarian friendly. Our wines are never clarified with shellfish and or egg white based products.