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Amorici Vineyard’s philosophy of hand-crafted, natural winemaking celebrates the sweet nectar of the perfect grape. Honoring mother nature! When the grape is respected and traditional winemaking procedures are employed, a beautiful wine results.

Joe Messina, Amorici’s owner/winemaker uses his family’s heritage to make unique, award-winning wines. The Messina history of winemaking dates back to early wine merchants on the small island of Ischia, in the Bay of Naples, Italy.¬†Joe Messina, a descendant of these vintners, produces wines in this lineage.

Amorici wines are vegan/vegetarian friendly and never clarified with shellfish or egg-based products. Our wines are produced without flavor- or color-enhancers. Amorici is committed to sustainable agriculture and operates environmentally conscious.

The addition of sulfites is required to stabilize wine, allowing it to properly age. Decanting wine one hour prior to consumption allows it to breathe and lessens the total amount of sulfites.



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